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Jiken: Welcome to- the Kenshin page!! If you ever came to my page before, I rambled on how great he and Kaoru were together and stuff...
K & K: [blushing] Nani??
Kenshin: You did what?? You wrote about that??
Jiken: [rolls her eyes] Well why do you think I made this site here? Anyway, I'll continue. We'll take into a step into the past-- and for those who do not want to be spoiled for the Revenge Arc series, I'll say it now: THIS PAGE IS FULL OF SPOILERS!!!
Kaoru: Ouch, you didn't have to yell.
Jiken: Well I'm trying to get my point out- so leave *now* if you must.
Kenshin: Jiken-dono, you'll scare all the viewers away.
Jiken: I'm just warning them! So if you're still with me, let's take a step into the past....
Kenshin: Oh no..... [covers his face]
Jiken: You guys probably know that Kenshin's past was a very, *very*, VERY traumatic one. He doesn't really enjoy talking about it so I'll do most of the talking here, and maybe Kaoru will actually help me.
Kaoru: [confused] What's that meant to mean?
Jiken: Cuz you'll probably end up crying and too teary to talk.
Kaoru: =_=;; No I won't!
Jiken: That's why I said 'maybe'. Okay? Well let's start from scratch. Kenshin's parents died from cholera. So he travelled around with these 3 sisters, but they were killed by robbers, along with the rest who were travelling with him. Kenshin ended up the only one alive (I think he was 7 here) and he was Shinta. Hiko Seijuro took Shinta in, renamed him Kenshin and trained him in the kenjutsu style we know as "Hiten Mitsuryugi Ryuu".
Kaoru: Kenshin?? [pokes him]
Kenshin: [is in a state of 'blankness', face is shaded in, eyes invisible] ....
Jiken: At the age of 13 he met Katsura Kogoro who introduced and got Kenshin into fighting for a new era. At 15 he was a full fledged assassin (hitokiri), he was more well-known as Hitokiri Battousai in this era, and the first scar on his face [points to it] was done by Kiyosato. (More on him later) It was at this age Kenshin felt depression from killing. It was also this time when he met Tomoe Yukishiro.
Kenshin: Tomoe... [barely whispers]
Kaoru: ... Kenshin...
Jiken: (I knew I'd do most of the talking here-!) Anyway, she became his wife at the age of 18, Kenshin 15. Not very much longer, Kenshin met Enishi Yukishiro (Tomoe's brother) who really hated Kenshin because they were (the Yukishiros) in fact the enemy to him.
Kenshin: Enishi....
Kaoru: Kenshin....
Jiken: (Do I sense a pattern here?) So- in the end, Tomoe is used as bait to lure Kenshin out so they (his enemies) could kill him. Unfortunately for them, and Kenshin, he kills most of the guys who try to kill him and he also ends up killing Tomoe (purely by accident however). Tomoe's knife created the second scar on Kenshin's cheek, completing the cross [points to it on Kenshin's cheek]
Kaoru: Must you do that? [annoyed] It's hurting him!
Kenshin: Daijoubu Kaoru-dono...
Jiken: See? He's fine. Well Kenshin reads an entry in Tomoe's diary that Kiyosato (the guy who made the first scar) was actually Tomoe's former fiancee. Oh the drama! [strikes a pose] So that cross was made by an old couple who are probably together now.
Kaoru: Are you going to tell them about Enishi?
Jiken: Nah. Well despite all these troubles in the past, our hero here has been able to keep a happy face and that humbleness of his, accompanied by all those 'Oro's. After the Meiji Restoration he became a Rurouni for 10 years, until he met Kaoru.
Kaoru: Ever since Kenshin has joined me at the dojo, his life has changed (so has mine) and he's no longer a rurouni anymore! [grabs Kenshin and gives a glare at the face] Right Kenshin!!?
Kenshin: Oro?! [has those big round eyes] Hai- of course Kaoru-dono, whatever you say.
Kaoru: [letting go] Good.
Jiken: Aren't they great together? Kenshin's about the sweetest guy anyone could meet. Kaoru's really lucky. I mean with her temper and all... You know that Kaoru? Say when are you guys gonna get married? I am gonna get an invitation right? After doing all this.... Hey, and what about your kids? I--
Kaoru: NANI? [starts to pummel Jiken with her bokken] You've gone too far!!
Kenshin: Oro? Well because Jiken-dono is unable to end today's interview, I guess I'll end it. Arigatou degozaru for joining us, and if you would like to see my seiyuu (voice actor/actress) who is Mayo Suzukaze, click here! Oyasuminasai minna-dono!!

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