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It's Takani Megumi!

Jiken: Welcome to I----t's Takini Megumi!
Megumi: It's TAKANI!
Jiken: Huh? Oh! Oooh, okay! Let's start that again, shall we? Okay, Welcome folks to "Iiiiiiiit's Takani Megumi!"
Megumi: Much better, thank you! Ohohoho!
Jiken: And now, your hosts KAMIYA KAORU and HIMURA KENSHIN!!
Kaoru: [frowning] That laugh.... grr.... it's... it's-!
Kenshin: Ne, ne Kaoru-dono, calm down! ;^^x Megumi-dono, please tell us about yourself to the audience degozaru.
Megumi: [laughing again] Ohoho, well I first came upon Ken-san when I was chased by Takeda Kanryuu's henchmen I rushed up to Ken-san because he had a katana and so I asked for his help.
Kaoru: !!! You did WHAT to Kenshin?? [tries to reach Megumi but Kenshin stops her]
Megumi: Ohohoho, why are you jealous?? Ohohoho!
Kaoru: Why I oughtta--!
Kenshin: Kaoru-dono... please calm down! The audience is watching you.
Kaoru: [mutters some words and grunts]
Megumi: As I was saying, after I went to Ken-san, that tori-atama {chicken head}
Jiken: What? Toriyama Akira?
Megumi: [Mad] No! Sanosuke!
Jiken: Oh.
Megumi: [annoyed at the interruptions] So that tori-atama lost his temper and beat up the henchmen with Ken-san.
Kenshin: But I didn't really do anything...
Megumi: And that started a whole chain of events...and I became part of the family with Ken-san. [hugs him]
Kaoru: [furious] Megumi-san!! Can you- [tears them apart] stay away from Kenshin??
Megumi: Ohohoho! Don't be so jealous Kaoru~...
Kaoru: ME~~GU~~MI~~S~~A~~N.......!!!!!
Kenshin: ...........scary.... Anyway Megumi-dono, why not tell us about your personal background?
Megumi: Hmm.. I'm 22, single and I'm a doctor. My father was a doctor and so were my brothers. I had a family back in Aizu but now.. I don't know where they are, but I know I'll find them someday!
Kaoru: And..?
Megumi: And...? And... oh and I think that someone as cute as Ken-san should be with me!!
Kaoru and Sano: [they blow up] NANI!???!

*They all stare at Sano*

Jiken: Oi! You!! What are you doing here? You're not in the script!?
Kenshin: Doushitano? {What's the matter?} Sano...?
Kaoru & Megumi: Tori-atama...
Sano: Oh, yeah I was just... uhm passing by! [walks away.. turns back] and DON'T call me that! Raccoon-Girl, Fox-Lady! Or should I say, Medicine Chest? [leaves]
Kaoru: .... Hmm I think that Sano has got a little something for Fox Lady.
Kenshin: Oh no, not another romance topic. We better go now minna. Well that was great to interview you Megumi-dono! We'll have to end the show now.
Kaoru: Kenshin!!
Jiken: Kenshin!! It was the interesting part of the script--!
Megumi: Oh I feel tired, I think I should go and rest. Bye everyone! [leaves]
Jiken & Kaoru: Hey!!!

*'Ohohohohoho's are heard in the background*

Kenshin: Oyasuminasai degozaruyo!!

Jiken: Grrr...fine then. For the rolling credits we have Megumi's seiyuu, the famous Mika Doi!!

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