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The tough guy Sano

Sexy Sano!Jiken: Well everyone, here we have the most hottest looking chicken you'll ever find!
Sano: [obviously steaming] OI! Who are you calling a chicken?
Jiken: [frowning] Isn't that your name? It says so here... Sagara... Tori.
Sano: NANI??? {what} Who signed that paper? It's Sagara Sanosuke!!!
Jiken: I think she did. [points to Kaoru and leaves]
Kaoru: That's what you get for calling my food poison!
Kenshin: Kaoru I don't think you have to take it personally...
Kaoru: [blows up] Kenshin~~~! Are you saying that you're agreeing with him?
Kenshin: Oro? No, I'm not... it's just that-
Kaoru: [Kaoru grabs her bokken and starts pounding him] No one insults my cooking and gets away with it!
Kenshin: [growing lumps] Oro! Oro! Oro!
Kaoru: You too!!
Sano: ME?? AAAAH! [Kaoru grabs and pummels him too]
Jiken: =_=;;; This show is having a VERY bad start. Daijoubu {are you ok} Kenshin?
Kenshin: Da-- daijou--bu-- degozaru...yo.....[faints]
Kaoru: [stops hitting Sano who has now more lumps than Kenshin] KENSHIN!?
Kenshin: Orororo.....
Kaoru: Gomen {sorry} Kenshin! I didn't want you to faint!
Sano: Hey? How come no one cares for me..???
Jiken: Should I ask the Medicine Chest to visit?
Sano: .... never mind.
Kenshin: [now recovered] Oro...that hurt.... anyway Sano... can you tell us about your background?
Sano: Sure! I bet the ladies are dying to hear about it.
Kaoru: Ladies want to hear about your life of fighting, gambling and losing?
Kenshin: Kaoru-dono, please...
Sano: Well when I was the ganster Zanza I did a lot of fighting and gambling... but [head blows up] I did not lose! [turns back to normal] Well maybe sometimes in gambling. I earned bucks in fighting, but that stopped after I met and fought with Kenshin.
Kenshin: Sano...
Sano: Kenshin's now one of my best friends and he reminds me a lot of Sagara Taichou.
Kaoru: The person you...
Sano: Yeah, the guy I respected so much that I named my surname after him.

*Silence takes place for a long time...*

K & K and Sano: So...

*Another silence*

Kaoru: [perky] So, what do you think of Megumi-san?
Kenshin: I knew it, it had to happen... what is it with this site and 'what do you think of ---' ?
Kaoru: Don't ask me, it just comes in the script!
Kenshin: Why is the script so 'couple' based?
Jiken: [comes with a knife] Have you got a problem with that?
Kenshin: Oro..!? No-! I don't!
Kaoru: =_=;; Well Sano?
Sano: What do I think of the Medicine Chest? Uh, she's a good doctor?
Kaoru: Anything else?
Sano: [starting to get uncomfortable] What do you mean?
Kaoru: Pour out your heart! That's the whole point of this show!
Kenshin & Sano: IT IS?
Kaoru: Actually I don't know but the script says so.
Sano: Well I don't think what I think of the Fox Lady really matters.
Jiken: I think it does!
Sano: Shut up! Why do you keep popping up everywhere?
Kenshin: [sensing the lack of time] Well my trustworthy friend, you know that you're one of the guys I trust most right?
Sano: [confused] Huh? Uh I guess so.
Kaoru: Wait, he hasn't even answered what I asked yet!
Kenshin: Well then I trust that you know the sign when we're running out of time and we have to leave. Bye everyone! Oyasuminasai!
Kaoru & Jiken: HEY!
Jiken: [grumbling] Great, not again. How do they manage to escape? Anyway, Sanosuke's seiyuu is Ueda Yuji, take a look! For a bonus, take a look at what K & K think of Sano's antics! Oh yes, and here's a little convo with Sano, Kaoru and Kenshin about Megumi.... (read from left to right, Japanese style.)

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