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Yahiko...    Well I think there's a lot to say about this extraordinary 10-year-old. Yep, he's only 10! But why does he seem so much older than that?? Anyway, a student (and the only one at that) of the Kamiya Kasshinryu style so his teacher is...

Kaoru: Me!! Of course, the one and only, Kenjutsu no Komachi!!
Yahiko: [stares for a moment, then-] BUSU {ugly, a noun}.
Kaoru: [flares up] NANI!!??
Kenshin: That's their usual conversation... it occurs all too often.
Jiken: Must I interrupt always? Oh well, I choose to. =P Kaoru and Yahiko, please remember you are not here to argue, you are here to inform those people 'out there' reading this! Kenshin, don't forget to remind them ok?
Kenshin: Hai... Jiken-dono. Demo... what if-
Jiken: Just get on with it Kaoru!

Kaoru: Well today we are going to talk to Myoujin Yahiko. Since Yahiko-CHAN is a big boy now, I'm sure he's willing to tell everyone about himself.
Yahiko: [obviously mad] Since BUSU here is telling me to introduce to those who don't really know me I will

*Kenshin is holding Kaoru back*

Yahiko: But I'm sure you do know that I'm Myoujin Yahiko, my father was a Samurai but died in war. My mother worked as... a prostitute to earn money and raise me. But she passed away so I had to work alone as a thief to make a living, until...
Kaoru: [Calmed down a bit] Kenshin came and saved him, and so I had to end up being his teacher.
Yahiko: It's not like I *wanted* to BUSU.
Kaoru: Well neither did I Yahiko-CHAN.
Kenshin: You two should really stop degozaru. Well Yahiko is very strong for a boy his age.
Kaoru: [Sighs] Yes, even I have to admit that. After all, he *is* my student.
Yahiko: And I am the one who has seen nearly all of Kenshin's fights the closest... though I really wish he would teach me some Hiten Mitsuryugi Ryuu...
Kenshin: Maa... Yahiko, we had this conversation before. I will not teach it to anyone. You must stick to Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu.
Yahiko: Yeah yeah I know.
Kaoru: Anyway Yahiko, now that's over why not tell us about you and Tsubame? How are you two getting along these days?
Kenshin: Here we go again... -_-x
Yahiko: Tsubame...? [grows pink] What's this got to do with me?
Kaoru: Don't play dumb Yahiko, everyone knows about you two!
Yahiko: [then starts to grow pale] They do? Wait a minute, about what?!
Kaoru: You two are just too cute together.
Kenshin: ^^x ... ... ...
Kaoru: Kenshin! Say something else besides "..." !!
Kenshin: Oro?
Kaoru & Yahiko: =_=;
Kaoru: Well Yahiko, since you're the guy maybe you should make the first move.
Kenshin: Kaoru-dono I really don't think... I mean he's too young...
Yahiko: [avoiding the question] Tsubame is a bit too timid... I think she should try to act a bit more stronger...But I-
Kaoru: You like her don't you? Come on just tell everyone!
Kenshin: I think we're running out of time now so we have to finish this degozaru.
Yahiko: Hurray!! I mean- too bad. Bye everyone! [leaves]
Kenshin: Well in brief Yahiko is a very strong boy who has a strong will to become strong, and so he will (become strong). Stronger than sessha degozaru.
Kaoru: He's probably the only boy his age like that... he believes himself weak but he isn't. Of course don't tell him that. I have enough of that large ego of his.
Kenshin: Anyway, so this is the end of 'Talking with Yahiko'
K & K: Oyasuminasai minna!

Jiken: By the way, Yahiko's seiyuu is Miina Tominaga! To see her pic, take a click here.

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