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     Hi minna-san! I'm really sorry that I haven't updated this site for ages. ^^; ) Again time has passed by so quickly. I was in Korea for the past half year which is partly the reason why I could not update my site, me being with Uni apps and all. I got back the beginning of this month ^^;
     I've actually updated some stuff! *WOW* Check below for more details. BTW a lot of dead links are lying around the place so I'm trying to fix that when I have the time... There are a lot of manga images now and nearly all of the words in the speech bubbles have been altered, only some are directly translated. So please don't flame me for translating it wrong because most of them are done on purpose. *~Spoilers galore on this page!! If you haven't seen the Kyoto hen series or the Revenge Arc series and you do not want to be spoiled- well I am warning you now that I have got spoilers all over this site.~* Oh and BTW please update your links/bookmarks (if you made any)!! ^^x ! I have decided NOT to move my site Crosswinds coz I have heard at least 5 different mishaps from 5 different people who have Crosswinds accounts. IE: the whole site goes *poof* and disappears into oblivion leaving you stranded with nothing but despair. ^^ Newayzz enjoy!

** Updates for: 12/30/00 **

The fanart section in the K & K Fanstuff has a lot of fanart pieces uploaded I'm sorry for the delay to those who sent in fanart. I have a new fanart piece from yours truly in the Miscellaneous section. Not that you'd be interested but my about me page has changed a slight bit...

You are the th person who believes in this holy couple!

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