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KNK Fics

Hi everyone and welcome to the new renovated FANFIC corner! Woo hoo~! So let's see... how many fanfics do we have... Well, take a look! Please send positive comments as much as possible for I am thankful for their contribution to this lil' area. By the way, I do not do any editing besides reformatting. Why? 'cause I believe that it is that person's original writing and I have no write to change it in any way unless they ask me to. Anyone else who wants to have their fanfic posted up here please, email me. Arigatou de-gozaruyo.

The icon next to the fic means that it has won my award! ^^x

Tae-san's K & K fanfic under "Table For Two"
Sekihara Tae's fanfics include Closing the Distance which is really sweet and Fever Dreams.
Spoiler Warning for Fever Dreams: This story takes place after the end of the Kyoto saga, but before the beginning of the Revenge Arc

When the Earth moves... by Athena

When a terrible earthquake strikes Tokyo the Kenshin-gumi rush to aid those in need. But will it cost Kenshin and Kaoru their lives?
[PG] (With the occasional bad word) Spoiler Alert: Takes Place after the Revenge Arc

Heavenly In carnations by Raya
Spoiler Alert: A fanfic written during the Revenge Arc series and is a 'what-if' fic about Kaoru and Kenshin...if I say anymore I'll end up giving away the whole thing. ^^ The image on the left is a lovely piece of fanart done by Raya herself! Check out her site in the links page for more beautiful fanart from her! Click on the pic on the left for its full size. Thanks to Raya for letting me put this pic up!

Kaoruella by Shuken
You can see from the title that this is a Rurouni Kenshin version of Cinderella, replaced by the lovely Kaoru. No spoilers here! ^_^x Oh and the author appears in this as well, as what she is. You have to read it to find out what I mean. It's a one-shot.

To Be or Not To be by Tin Mandigma
Kaoru's sick of Kenshin being so helplessly clueless so she ends up buying a love potion. Meanwhile Kenshin is doing something else behind her back! This is really funny, read it! ^^x A recommendation for humour with love. No spoilers here.

K & K Fanfic Award Win an Award! Being a frequent Fanfic reader, I made an award to give out ^_^x.
1 Rule: Must be about Kaoru and Kenshin.
Guidelines: Good use of language, plot is visible, correct expression of charcter. Please send me suggestions to read! ^_^x Arigatou degozaru.
Take a look at the fanfic award winner(s) ^_^x