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5 Star Fanfic Awards

           Greetings, minna san! From now on, every award-winning fic will be posted here. ^^x

Raya's Award for Heavenly Incarnations Mini-Review:The first winner! ^^x And it's now finally finished! Once I started reading this, I got hooked. I didn't stop until I reached the latest chapter. I recommended it to my sister and she did the exact same thing. ^^x Don't avoid it because of the certain situation in that fic, because it's really really good and it's not depressing at all. Definitely worthy of the award. Great story, and really fab fanart as well. =) Congratulations Raya-san!
Tin's Award for To Be or Not to Be Mini-Review: This story is the funniest K & K fanfic I've ever read and it's wonderful! It's spoiler-free, a definite recommendation. It shows both points of view of Kenshin and Kaoru about their 'kind-of' relationship and I love how Sanosuke tries so hard to get them together. OOC's are all explained and understandable. The writing is creative, fluent and fun to read, very worthy of the award. Congratularions Tin-san!

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