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I'm a very scary person

      Greetings--! This page is just to show and tell you a bit about myself, and maybe I won't scare you away from my page that way (if you're not freaked out already that is...)
      I was born in Hong Kong but now I'm a Uni student attending SNU in Korea. So my stuff was all the way in Hong Kong, the main reason why I could not update my site earlier coz I got back in December. Oh and before I get anyone confused, I am *not* Chinese or Japanese, I am *Korean* (well the Korean Uni should explain it). My name doesn't make it easier does it? 'Jiken' is just the Japanese pronounciation of my Korean name, which is presented in Chinese characters. Sound confusing? Maybe to some-- it surprises some people that nearly all Korean people's names are written in Chinese characters. We just pronounce them differently, if you know kanji then maybe you'll know what I'm talking about. I can read Hiragana and Katakana and a bit of Kanji- but I only understand a bit. {Babbit: You're rambling about your name!! Talk about something else} Alright so I talk too much. Sheesh. So anyway, Jiken isn't a real Japanese name... if you know what I mean.

I won't say my age coz time passes so;=, I'm born on Feb 1983. I love to draw manga/anime characters, watch anime, read manga tankoubons (Japanese/Korean) and I enjoy surfing the net and maintaining my homepages. I used to maintain 4 but I decided to abandon 2 since they were so useless. Well I am a manga/anime freak. Not is a bad way (it's not meant to be), there are hardly people like me in my school so I can't run an anime club or something so my hobby is pretty much restricted to the net. Well now coz I live in Korea I have more access to manga and anime even though they're all dubbed. Who cares?
      I love RPG games and my favourite is Chrono Trigger (so far) and FF8. I don't own a playstation (no money) though nearly everyone here in the country owns one. So again, I play stuff on emulators on the net-- the ones in English anyway. I like anime/manga romance. I particularly like the K & K pairing, not only coz it's cute, but because they don't actually say anything like "I like you" or "I love you" straight to each other but that love is so... there. That's probably the reason why you don't actually see any 'action' between the two but I think that's the nice part about the relationship.

      Rurouni Kenshin is obviously my favourite manga (I haven't watched that much of the anime...) but I also like other series. I particularly like Shoujo manga, and I really like Korean manga (Korea has manga too- but we call it 'manhwa' and the style is different from Japan's). This is my list of fave Japanese manga/anime in no real order:
  • Rurouni Kenshin *Watsuki-sensei at his best*
  • Dragon Ball Z (I don't like GT) *A true classic! Nothing can match up to Toriyama-sensei's standards.*
  • GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) *This is just sooooooo funny. It cracks me up and it's so fun to read!*
  • Detective Conan *I love detective manga and I think Ran and Shinichi go so well together*
  • Fushigi Yuugi *Another true classic. Miyaka & Tamahome..*
  • Flame of Recca *I really really REALLY like this manga. Again one of the best storylines out there. Plus, RAIHA and TOKIYA are BABES!*
  • Wild Half *Okay I have a dog. I LOVE my dog. If you love your dog, then you'll like this too. ^^*
  • Get Backers! *The main characters are cute ^^ and this is pretty unique too. Still fun and lots of laughs!*
  • Et Cetera! *At first I thought that this was plain WEIRD when I first read it but it's still tonsa fun.*
  • Angel Sanctuary *Wow! That's all I can say. It's a pretty, actually very complex story with absolutely GREAT artwork!*
  • D.N Angel *I LOVE the art!! SOOO cute! And the story's so sweet! Yeah Daisuke!*
  • Hamerun-no Violin-hiki *The manga, only the manga I like. This is so dang funny I cried ^^*
  • Kodomono Omocha/Child's Toy (I *really* like this series, both manga and anime)
  • Hana yori Dango *How can anyone NOT like this? So it's a bit long -manga- but I love every bit of it. Tsukasa!!*
  • Akachan-to Boku/Baby and Me (I own a lot of VCDs from this series and it's so heart warming... *sniff*)
  • Kindai-ichi (the teenage detective guy) *Great, complex and long...but fun!*
  • Evangelion *Who doesn't like this?? ^^*
  • Weiss Kruez *Whoa with all the babes in here, no girl can resist! ^^ Omi!!!*
I've read a whole lot of other Japanese manga (esp. Shoujo!) but to list them all... would be wasting space. Haha... So far I am trying to find out more information on "Burn up Excess" and "Gokudo Manyuuki". My fave anime bishounen are Himura Kenshin, Sagara Sanosuke, Hayama Akito, Enoki Takuya, Tsukiyono Omi, Nuriko, Tamahome, Son Gohan, Seravi, Squall, Tsukasa, Raiha, Tokiya and Crono.

      I own 2 LIACs (Live-In-Anime-Character), Sentarou and Son Gohan. I have one LIAC story with these two that I drew and inked and unfortunately because Sentarou is too small to be seen here, I decided to stick a pic of him here instead scanned from the manga "Piku Piku Sentarou!". One thing-- I'm very dense to caffiene, or to medicine. I usually have to take stronger doses than normal to get the same effect. While others are effected by their 5th cup of coffee, I only get a reaction after my 12th, and I'm serious about this! I love coffee....{Babbit: She's so strange...}

Since I'm showing a bunch of pics, here are my other fanart:

This is my first Crono, sketched in pencil, not inked (I'm horrible at inking)
This is my first Marle, and she looks demented! Oh well...
This is my version of Final Fantasy 5's Butz.
This isn't fanart, but this pic is just soooo cute! It's Sentarou~

What else can I say?? This page is dull.. I gotta put some more stuff. If I put a real photo of myself I'm definitely gonna scare some people away. Haha... {Babbit: What are you laughing at? Hontoni hen-nano... anta *BONK* Jiken: Whatever Babbit.}

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