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Miscellaneous Rurouni Kenshin stuff

      Greetings ~ you have stepped OUTSIDE K & K TERRITORY and have entered... the {twilight zone? *bonk* shuddup!} the OTHER THAN K & K Rurouni Kenshin Territory! {^*^Babbit: haha shocked aren't you? Jiken: *bobonk* shuddup!}
      Anyway, just because I'm a K & K fanatic doesn't mean I don't like any of the other characters at all! I love them all! ^_^x I'm thinking of mini-shrines to the Broom and the Chicken {Babbit: Ppl passing by probably think "she's nuts!" *CRASH* Jiken: How many times have I told you to shuddup?!! stop interrupting! What are you doing here anyway? Get back in KDC!!} but I'll have to see if I have the time... Anyway 'extra' stuff is all here.
      I am also a M & A fan-- not as much as K & K, but I like them a lot, so Misao and Aoshi make me smile too! ^__^x Especially since they're not a 'resolved' pair [on the yes/no wavery side] I think fanfics about them are cool (big HINT HINT) {Babbit: Hint flint pint mint....*BONK* My name is Babbit desu}.
^*^: Babbit is a half bat half rabbit character from Child's Toy/Kodomono Omocha- Just felt like putting him in.

Credits and thanks

    Hai hai hai~! Firstly, how much can we all thank Nobuhiro Watsuki sensei for creating this wonderful series that made my life so much more fun--! How much more can we admire his fab artwork =) Thanks goes to Masayo for (kinda) introducing RK to me in the first place ^_^x Much credit goes to Mike Corbitt for his support and telling me the name for K & K's duet "Natsu no E". Arigatou to Melissa (I'm sorry Melissa but I've revealed your name here) for listening to all my RK rambling ^o^x Thanks to all those who've emailed me encouraging words on this site ^_^x The image of Kenshin on the intro page (with Kaoru facing opposite) is from Kristen-dono's site, it's one of the best RK sites around so go take a look if you haven't yet. Credit goes to all those who contributed to this site- Tae-san, Raya-san, Nikita-san, Athena-san and my sister Shuken-chan: domo arigatou!

Rules rules roles...???

    Well like any site there are always some restrictions-- particularly the MP3s, they're cut to 2 minutes for a reason, and they do need to be deleted within 24 hrs after downloading. I only try to encourage people to buy the CDs, I don't want to replace the CD itself. All graphics are made by me and all the stuff here is scanned by me (besides the one from Kristen-dono's site). I took a *lot* {repeat: LOT} of time scanning all those images {slaving over a steaming scanner is not something I like very much). So please do not *STEAL*, I call it stealing when someone uses an image and *claims* it their own, or not putting any credit where it is due without asking permission for using the image. As long as there's credit I don't mind not asking and using my images. BUT stealing is something that I really don't like. I had to close a different site I maintained because of stealing not just images but multimedia as well!! (that I *really* don't like) This was 3 years ago and I hope it doesn't have to happen with this site either. {Babbit: So bleak! You sound so harsh, like a sensei. Jiken: I'm trying to emphasise: "don't steal from my site" -- how happy can that sound without making it sound like Disney??} Anyway, for personal use anything's fine.

The Miscellaneous Gallery

    This is where you'll find pics other than K & K, but you'll find them in group pictures though. Plenty of Sano, Yahiko and other stuff... ^_^x enjoy~.

      Miscellaneous Gallery Page 1      Miscellaneous Gallery Page2      Miscellaneous Gallery Page 3

Programs for Download

For me, these tools make my life much easier for browsing and downloading stuff off the net. They will for you too so please download (not necessarily all) the programs listed here. These links are from the Hong Kong tucows site so those from the States might find downloading a bit slow. You can find the programs in TUCOWS which has a lot of affliate sites so you can choose the site closest to your country to make downloading 100x easier.

Get Smart:    This program is a download manager that splits your original file so that downloading is much faster overall. It has resume so if you get disconnected in the middle of your download you can just continue from where you left off. Very useful. It's a shareware, but I'm not sure when it expires.

GetRight:    This is also a download manager, but it expires after 30 days of use. Still, it's a very useful program. The drawback is that the server downloaded from MUST support partial requests. GetRight can also figure out several other of TUCOWS' mirrors where it can download from. GetRight then pings them all to see which offers the fastest performance, and it then begins downloading from the fastest.

Go!Zilla!:    Another download manager, this one is pretty cool too-- especially since it's FREEWARE! HAHAHA{?} Don't ask me why I'm laughing. Anyway this is highly rated and sends all received files through a virus checker and can even split your files into categories. It supports drag-and-drop and can catch URLs from your clipboard. Cool utility.

Winamp:    Who has not heard of Winamp I wonder. It is now also a FREEWARE! HAHA...{?? never mind, forget it}. This is probably the best MP3 player with an Equaliser and graphic and spectrum analyser and more stuff. You can get some pretty cool skins for this (including anime related) and supports lots of other audio extensions.

WinZip:    WinZip is obviously the most popular zipper/unzipper that people use for windows (well tucows thinks so too). Again it's shareware with no expiration date (it's got a nag at the beginning though) but it's a very handy tool- especially for my site since nearly everything is zipped up. It makes downloading much easier (I think anyway)

Aladdin Expander:    Another freeware- yet highly rated unzipper. It can also extract from GZIP, ARC, ARJ, BinHex file extensions. It also supports multiple decompression, so you don't have to open each zip file separately.

ZipCentral:    Freeware, good unzipper/zipper for beginners. It has a user-friendly interface.

    The basic story introduction to Rurouni Kenshin, a brief summary until Jineh. This is the first half, the second half is some stuff on the language used in Rurouni Kenshin and the words/phrases used on this site. ^^x As well as in other sites. (RK slang?)

Misc. fanfic

    Fan-fiction other than K & K go here... (or at least will anyway)

Misc Fanart

    Well so far I only have *one* none K & K pic. And that's of Sano. So I decided to split it into different 'versions' of the same pic. (Yeah I'm weird I know that... =_=;) Okay here:

Sano in rough draft, pencil sketch version.
Sano inked in. Black and white version.
Sano 'CG-ed'. Colour version.

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