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K & K Fanstuff

       Greetings to you all!! ^_^x This section *will* contain lots and lots of fanart and fanfics... so send in your stuff! K & K stuff if you can =) other things will go into the Miscellaneous section. I will still give out awards for fanfiction, though I can't read as much fanfiction as I used to, I'll do my best. If you have any requests to read fanfiction or if you want a review your fanfiction, (your or someone else's- with permission of course) I'll gladly do so. Oh and I do *some* editing- such as spelling as some grammar which takes up time for the fanfics that need to be posted. However it will take time- it can take a day or three unlikely to go over that unless I have a huge project to hand in the same week, I'll notify in that case.

KnK Fanart

       Fanart here will be K & K fanart stuff, again others will go into the Miscellaneous section. (BTW this part of the site has probably the biggest variety of stuff) I don't give awards for fanart or review them but I'll post them up much faster than fanfiction. Any fanart you'd like to send, please send me the file as an attatchment (not too big however). Or if you can, send me the URL if you've uploaded it on the net. All fanart here is uploaded to my site.

Kaoru sez: I don't want Kenshin-practically-naked fanart, it's not beautiful!

       Unfortunately, Kaoru had to reject Yahiko's fanart piece because it showed Kenshin practically naked. I agree with her, sorry Yahiko. Better luck next time. Try to get Kenshin covered when you show it to me, or Kaoru. (Yahiko gets the weirdest ideas, from who though??)

 Kaoru's face by Jiken. In pencil, no colour. It's my first Kaoru so she kinda looks demented... ^^;;

 Kenshin's face by Shuken. Coloured using colour pencils. It's Kenshin's side view.

 Kenshin smiling at you by Jiken. This is my third proper Kenshin... but again this was redone so it looks even more demented than before.

 Kenshin hugging Kaoru by Raya Wonderful fanart by Raya! In colour, if I remember correctly I think it was water colour.

 Kenshin and Kaoru hug! by Smurfette A really nice CG piece of a K & K hug ^_^x Love the colours!

 Kenshin and Kaoru with Sano being chased in the background. by Julie-dono

 Kenshin and Kaoru by Barby M Pornea Done very well with oil pastel (I think..^^; correct me if I'm wrong).

 Another Kenshin and Kaoru with nature background. by Barby M Pornea Again oil pastel ^^

 Kenshin in oil pastel by Barby M Pornea This time in a cool blue background =)

 Kaoru singing karaoke! Kawaii~! (SD & CG) by Red Ice

 Chibi-Sd Kaoru saying hi. by Red Ice

 The Kenshin Family! by Red Ice Kenji's in this as well!

 Kenshin in his hitokiri days with Aoshi (I think) ^^ by Julie-dono Note: A rather large download.

 Kenshin tying Kaoru's ribbon by Julie-dono

 Kenshin and Kaoru on a hill (I think) by Julie-dono Near the bridge...


     Well fanfiction! Reading RK fanfic has been my hobby, until lately I couldn't do as much reading because of all the work I have to do. But that doesn't matter. =) Any fanfiction you would like to send, just in case you've missed the top please send it to me by emailing the story or if you can, send it as a text or HTML attatchment when you email it to me. If the fanfic is longer than 60K total, please divide it into chapters/parts if you haven't done so. I do some editing, such as spelling and grammar but I don't do editing major parts of the story (unless you request me to do so). Arigatou degozaru! BTW

NO lemon, Yaoi either!
Well I'm no longer underaged. However! I still don't post up lemon fics, or yaoi or yuri. *Unfortunately for some people* Yes Kenshin, that means that *even* if I *do* read it, I *still* won't be posting it up here. There are still underaged people browsing around this place so I'n gonna play safe. ^^

Tae-san's K & K fanfic under "Table For Two"
Sekihara Tae's fanfics include Closing the Distance which is really sweet and Fever Dreams.
Spoiler Warning for Fever Dreams: This story takes place after the end of the Kyoto saga, but before the beginning of the Revenge Arc

When the Earth moves... by Athena

When a terrible earthquake strikes Tokyo the Kenshin-gumi rush to aid those in need. But will it cost Kenshin and Kaoru their lives?
[PG] (With the occasional bad word) Spoiler Alert: Takes Place after the Revenge Arc

Heavenly Incarnations by Raya

Spoiler Alert: A fanfic written during the Revenge Arc series and is a 'what-if' fic about Kaoru and Kenshin...if I say anymore I'll end up giving away the whole thing. ^^x And it's finally finished!! Hurray hurray~~ This fic received my fanfic award. However I her site has disappeared so I think you'll have to try emailing her to get her fanfics now.
Kaoruella by Shuken
You can see from the title that this is a Rurouni Kenshin version of Cinderella, replaced by the lovely Kaoru. No spoilers here! ^_^x Oh and the author appears in this as well, as what she is. You have to read it to find out what I mean. It's a one-shot.

To Be or Not To be by Tin Mandigma
Kaoru's sick of Kenshin being so helplessly clueless so she ends up buying a love potion. Meanwhile Kenshin is doing something else behind her back! This is really funny, read it! ^^x A recommendation for humour with love. No spoilers here. Also won my fanfic award.
When I am alone I call you Kaoru by Nikita
This is a sweet poem-- it is the thoughts of Kenshin on how on the outside he calls Kaoru "Kaoru-dono" but alone in his own thoughts calls her just "Kaoru".

Rain Storm byAlicia Blade
A one shot really romantic piece about Kaoru and Kenshin's 'romp around' in the rain in Kaoru's POV. No spoliers in here =)

K & K Fanfic Award Win an Award! Here is the award I give out. (I've only given 2 so far ^^;;) 1 Rule: Must be about Kaoru and Kenshin.
Guidelines: Good use of language, plot is visible, correct expression of character. Arigatou degozaru.
Take a look at the fanfic award winner(s) ^_^x

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