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K & K Collection

     I have only a few bits and pieces that I've made... I will make more icons and cursors as time goes on. They're not theme based (unfortunately) but I am thinking of making an Autumn K & K Desktop theme... (not sure because I don't have the programs to make some of the stuff- I have no money!) I've made 2 winamp skins, but for the older version [1.8 in fact]. Maybe if I have time, I'll make skins for the newer versions. I also have compressed a few mp3 files, however they are CUT to 2 minutes (not abruptly, they've been edited) because I found it too hard to get the whole file uploaded. Anything you want to submit, please email me first, and send an attatchment if I accept. Or, just give me the URL of the item. Thanks. You'll need Winamp, and Winzip for most of the downloads here. Go to the Miscellaneous section to find out the affliate sites from which you can download from because they're the fastest. There are other files also recommended for download listed there.
kaokenamp This is the first K & K amp skin I made. The main body image is from the RK calendar. Please report any glitches to
kenkaoamp This is the second K & K amp skin, main body from one of the screen caps I took. It's Kaoru and Kenshin's feet, if you didn't know. Again, all glitches to
Kaoru and Kenshin's duet! MP3 file, squashed into a zip file so you still need Winzip! Hurray! Many thanks to Mike Corbitt, who told me the title of the song. It is "Natsu no E" and it means "Picture of Summer" [ain't that a cute title?? ^_^x]
Kenshin's Solo     This is Kenshin's solo song and it's really nice! If you've heard "Namidawa Shitteiru" Mayo Suzukaze sings in the same 'style' as that, same voice. It's really worth hearing. This is from the RK 'Songs' album.
Kaoru's Solo     This is (obviously) a solo sung by Kaoru-- Miki Fujitani. Her voice is easily recognisable as Kaoru and this one is kind of in the style of Rave. This song is really nice and kawaii. It's also from the RK 'Songs' album.
A bunch of cursors and a couple of icons I made. With the K & K theme of course. They're all in weird colours because I didn't use a colour theme have been warned! (?)
Icons Galore! More Icons! What can I say?? No cursors in this one. I'm not sure if you can see all the icons in full colour though-- you'll have to tell me if the full coloured ones don't really work-- I'll concentrate on 16 colour icons then. Thanks and enjoy~~!
K & K wave Collection 1Finally! It's the waves!! Now that was late-- some are probably around the web (the famous ones) but I put time into getting these so here they are. Enjoy, now your computer will say cool stuff from K & K!
K & K Wave collection 2More waves! Ain't that great? I put these files in bunches here coz they're easier to download that way-- however I might split them up on a separate *Wave Page* but that's not definite. Is it a good idea to do that? [somehow I feel very unoriginal...]
If your screen is BIG If your screen is MEDIUM If your screen is SMALL Click on your resolution to get the correct wallpaper. I plan on having lot of different seasons for the different sets of'll see what I mean when I get other ones done. Okiez? ^__^x

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