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The Character Page

    This is the character page.. to avoid spoilers,  I have only included the Kenshin-gumi (which hopefully doesn't spoil anyone!)
    Click on the character you want to know about and you should be taken to their character page. Kenshin and Kaoru will both tell you their thoughts, opinions and judgement (?) on that particular character. Sometimes they'll agree and sometimes they won't... but that doesn't matter does it? ^^x

Kenshin: Sessha and Kaoru dono won't disagree, we never do.
Kaoru: That's right, coz I always win.
Kenshin: Oro? Demo Kaoru dono...
Kaoru: Don't 'oro' me Kenshin, don't you know that you should never argue with a lady?
Kenshin: Never mind....
Kaoru: Never mind!?
Kenshin: [hands up] Maa maa, fine you win.
Kaoru: See? We never argue!
Kenshin: .... =_=x...

Kamiya Kaoru aka Raccoon Girl Kenshin aka Hitokiri Battousai Takani Megumi aka Medicine Chest Sano aka Zanza... but I prefer chicken head Yahiko aka kid or whatever... Tsubame... aka...?? No idea, maybe Sailor Saturn???

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