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Are you trying ot be FUNNY HIMURA?!!    WMUL stands for "Will Make yoU Laugh", I made the word up, I use it as a noun. So if something in RK just makes me laugh I call it a "WMUL". This page is full of them. As I watch my RK vcds, I try to pick out funny screencaps and in the manga I pick out funny scenes and I've put them up here for your entertainment. You may not find all of them funny-- but I tried my best to decide. ^^x
    Apparently Misao wasn't in one of her greatest of moods when she came to check out this place... she ended up kicking Kenshin out the window again. (Quick someone get Aoshi here!) If you'd like to use any of the images here- please email me for permission before you do because I spent ages getting these pics and I
took even longer editing them so they were 'viewable'. Scanning was slavework... no doubt. So please don't just, take them/steal them. Read more about using the stuff on my site here.

Page 1 of WMULs: This has a mixture of manga and anime WMULs. This page has the drunken Kaoru WMULs.
Page 2 of WMULs: This page has only anime WMUL screencaps. They're from the earlier episodes of the anime.
Page 3 of WMULs: Again only anime WMULs from the early episodes. I'll try to get more manga WMULs in the next page.

      Kaoru isn't meant to see this page, because if she does, I'll be the dead one! (I've been pummelled into oblivion enough times already by that bokken, thanks very much. How does Yahiko survive all that!?) Anyway I had to get Sano and Kenshin guard the entrance to this place. Sano made some weird excuse- that this was an 'all-man's-joint' or something. He also mentioned there were hookers in here but I don't think that was really a good idea.........

NOT for Kaoru to see!

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