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Kaoru, Kunjutsu no Komachi

Kaoru dayo~K & K: Irrashaimase!!
Jiken: Welcome minna-san! Tooooo- "Kaoru, the Raccoon Girl!"
Kaoru: HEY?! What's with the show's name!
Jiken: Why? What's wrong? You've got a problem with it?
Kaoru: [sticks her bokken threateningly against her throat] Okay okay I got the point. I'll start again. Welcome to-- Kaoru, Kenshin's one and only love for the rest of his and her life!!
Kaoru: [pounds Jiken on the head] That's not any better!
Jiken: Would you prefer the Raccoon one then? [gets hit] OUCH! Geez, some people can't take a joke.
Kaoru: Start again~ this time do it RIGHT!
Jiken: Hai, hai.... =_=;; Welcome folks, to Kamiya Kaoru, Kenjutsu no Komachi. (how plain)
Kaoru: Hi everyone! (I like it this way!) Glad to be on the show.
Jiken: Well let's start with the basics, right Kenshin?
Kenshin: Hai, Kaoru-dono, how long have you've practiced Kenjutsu (Kamiya Kasshinryuu)?
Kaoru: I can't really remember because it's been such a long time... but I always watched the dojo ever since I was young.
Kenshin: And that sparked your interest in it?
Kaoru: Yep! I loved my father very much and I followed his belief in using the sword to protect people.
Kenshin: [smiling] I'm sure Kamiya Kasshinryu will advance in those beliefs.
Jiken: (ehem) Well shall we return to the point when "Kenshin met Kaoru" (reminds me of "When Harry met Sally")? This is the actual starting point, of the show "Rurouni Kenshin". Tell the world, Kaoru.
Kaoru: I am the adjutant master of the Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu kenjutsu style, and then-- a man who named himself the 'Hitokiri Battousai' was threatening my dojo. The story is slightly different in the anime than the manga, but I'll talk about the manga cuz that is the original, after all. Anyway, this man had killed several people and did so under the style of Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu, of course that scared all my students away. So I was looking for this 'Hitokiri Battousai'--
Kenshin: And because I was carrying a sword, she thought I was the man abusing Kamiya Kasshinryuu.
Kaoru: But I changed my mind after seeing him crash when I tried to take a slash at him, and after seeing his sakabatou. That's our first meeting, and he helped me to defeat the *real* abuser Hiruma Gohei and his brother Hiruma Gihei.
Kenshin: Kaoru asked me to stay at her dojo as the Rurouni, not the Battousai. So I did.
Jiken: And the rest folks, is history. So Kenshin give your impression of Kaoru to the audience.
Kenshin: Oro? Well... she's very innocent... kind hearted, sweet, (though it hurts when she hits me) and her sense of righteousness is very strong as well. I--
Jiken; Don't you just love her? I mean besides her cooking and making you do the laundry and cleaning and stuff. You swore to protect her always. You *do* know what always means right Kenshin?
Kenshin: Oro? (slightly embarrassed)
Kaoru: Jiken!! Stop flustering Kenshin like that! And what's so bad about my cooking??! And Kenshin does the laundry and everything on his own will! [brings out her bokken]
Jiken: Alright I'll stop I'll stop. Sheesh. You don't have to pummel me everytime. I've got enough bruises already from my sister.
Kenshin: Calm down Kaoru-dono...
Jiken: I guess that ends our interview... it was kinda boring without everyone else in the picture but they refused to show up because they were all afraid that you'd beat them up for telling the truth.
Kaoru: [flares again] WHAT is THAT supposed to MEAN??!
Kenshin: Kaoru-dono~~ [restrains Kaoru]
Jiken: Oyasuminasai minna, I must now run away from Kaoru as quick as I can. Take a look at her seiyuu Miki Fujitani before she reaches me--!!

*Kaoru has broken loose of Kenshin's grip and is now chasing Jiken*

Kenshin: Looks like I'll hafta end the show--(sigh)-- arigatou-degozaru minna-dono! See you next time! (and maybe Kaoru-dono will calm down a bit by then) [walks off the stage]

*Kaoru is still chasing Jiken around*

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