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About Tsubame

Tsubame     Okay okay! So what if Tsubame isn't *exactly* part of the Kenshin-gumi! But I think she should be though... well let's just say she is part of the Kenshin-gumi, ok? Great! Now that's settled....

Kaoru: I think that Jiken-chan is going nuts these days... she's starting to scare me.
Kenshin: Hai, I agree de gozaru.
Jiken: Oi!! GUYS! Get back on the subject!!
Kenshin: Ahh gomen, gomen! ;;=_=x
Kaoru: She must be on her coffee again. [gets glared at]...I get the point.
Jiken: So what if I like coffee?? Hey! Don't change the subject!! Get on with the interview. Poor Tsubame is waiting!
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Kaoru: Ahh, Tsubame. Yahiko's first love interest.
Tsubame: [blushing furiously] Uhm.... uh....
Kenshin: Uh, Kaoru-dono you don't have to say it to the whole world...
Kaoru: Why not? Everyone knows it already! Aren't they just so cute together? Tell us Tsubame, how do you feel about this?
Tsubame: [still blushing furiously] Uhm, I don't really know...
Kenshin: [sighs and shakes his head] You don't have to-...!!!

*Kaoru slaps Kenshin's mouth shut*

Tsubame: I...
K & K: !!! [both suddenly turn to her]
Tsubame: I really like Yahiko, but I do wish he'd stop hitting me sometimes. I don't mean what he thinks when I call him Yahiko-chan by accident.
Kaoru: [recovering] Yes, right! That Yahiko, so un-gentleman like. Remind me to go through with him on his manners again.
Tsubame: And I think Kenshin-san is a very nice person too. You too Kaoru-san. I know you will be very happy together.

*K & K blush*

Kenshin: [clears his throat] Ehem.. Anyway Tsubame-dono, is there a reason why you always hide behind your tea trays?
Tsubame: Hmm... I guess that's become a habit because of Yahiko-ch... I mean Yahiko-kun because he shouts and spits everywhere when he talks to me in the Akabeko. The only shield I have is my tea-tray so I usually hide behind it whenever I can just in case Yahiko-ch...kun comes.
Yahiko: [popping out from nowhere] HEY!! You nearly called me -CHAN! And what do you mean I-
Tsubame: [hides behind tray] Gomen..!!
Kaoru: [changes her face to the face of doom] YAHIKO!!! [chases him out]
Kenshin: Haha... ;^^x Maa... do you have anything else to say Tsubame-dono? Before we finish this interview?
Tsubame: [smiles] I think that Yahiko-kun will grow a lot like you Kenshin-san, that's what I believe. Though I'm always hiding behind tea trays I feel very honoured to be interviewed here as one of the Kenshin-gumi. And I really think that you and Kaoru-san ought to-
Kenshin: That's enough, enough [ushers her out] thank you Tsubame-dono!
Kaoru: Well folks, that was Sanjou Tsubame. Sweet, very shy and-
Kenshin: Very honest.
Kaoru: We hope that she and Yahiko will have a very nice future together.
Kenshin: [sweat drops] Why does this interview always turn onto the subject of romance???
Jiken: Well what can I do for a site like mine??

*K & K kick Jiken off*

K & K: Oyasuminasai and arigatou!
Kenshin: De gozaru.

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